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Verzendzakken TM Tinne+Mia

Verzendzakken TM Tinne+Mia

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Again a perfect design you cant miss from the designers Tinne+mia, if you want to find out more about them, go check out the rest of their collection or go to their website. They also made a beautiful bag collection with Rilla go Rilla, go check it out. This time they designed a beautiful and creative design for internet sendbags, in stunning colors and with the text “Lovely” “Oh” and “wow!” your orders will always be unique with this!

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15OG179 Verzendzakken TM Tinne+Mia LargeVerzendzakken TM Tinne+Mia Large
Met Dubbele Plakstrip
45x53+8 cm - 250 pcs
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€ 115,00

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